Young Denham


Young Denham is a collaborative project created by Alana Denham and Nicole Young. Alana is
Kelowna's foremost fashion blogger and has a wicked eye for selecting vintage denim. Once the
perfect piece is found by Alana, Nicole transforms the jacket into a wearable work of art.

Blonde 1.JPG

How It Works

There are two ways to purchase your one of a kind Young Denham jacket: 

1. We work with you to create a custom piece. You send us your ideas, we send you a sketch of what we think would look awesome on your jacket. Once we've gotten a YES!! from you, we ask for a deposit (half the price of the jacket) and then get to work on it. You pay for the rest of the jacket once it's complete!

2. You choose from our pre-existing jackets. Send us an email, and we'll send you images of all the finished jackets that we have available for purchase. These jackets are also available for customisation by adding things like a monogram on the front pocket, or a small image or word on the collar.  


The price of the jacket depends on how detailed you want the imagery to be. For example, a jacket with only writing on it will cost less than a jacket with a detailed painting on it. Send us your ideas and we can send you a quote! 

Let's Get Started!

Interested in commissioning your own one of a kind jacket or seeing our current collection of available jackets? Shoot us an email at 

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