New Marks, New Growth

It all stemmed from a simple conversation, as all of my favourite ideas do.

I was at the Kelowna Art Gallery in April checking out the Print Triennial exhibition and ran into one of my advisers from university, fellow abstract painter Katherine Pickering. We were chatting about the work and I pointed out a couple of pieces (unfortunately I can't remember the name of the artist that created them) that were screen printed silk made to look like folded hospital gowns. I said to her "For a second I thought those were yours!" And she replied "Yeah you're absolutely right, if I was going to do print making that's exactly what it would look like."

This simple exchange led me to start thinking about what my own work would look like in other mediums. If I tried to make one of my abstract paintings into a sculpture, what would that look like? What about a print, or a performance? As much as I love the idea of working in new mediums, painting is my one true love at the moment. So I started thinking about the reverse of that idea: what would different mediums look like as one of my abstract paintings? How could I represent woodworking, ceramics, performance, even poetry in an abstract painting? 

This idea is what's led me to these twisted up, knotted and braided lines that I've been using. I've been researching the works of different sculptors and other artists that are not painters to experiment with transcribing different marks into my paintings. I've been fascinated with Katie Gongs beautiful sculptures for a while now, and wanted to try integrating some of her shapes into my paintings. I am absolutely loving this new language that's being created through this combination. 

Nicole Young Blog 1.jpg
Nicole Young Blog 2.jpg
Nicole Young Blog 3.jpg

The next step of this idea is going to be creating a few paintings in response to the work of a poet friend of mine. I can't wait to see what happens there and share it with you guys, of course.