Being A Maker

Photos by the incredibly talented and wonderful Jamie Oosterhuis, necklace made by yours truly.

There is nothing that makes me happier in life that making something. I love everything about it, from start to finish. Planning, choosing materials, changing materials when something isn't working, the process of figuring it out and above all else, using my hands. Using your physical body really amplifies your connection to what you are creating. 

My art practice is in a constant state of ebbs and flows, and whenever there is an ebb in one area, I love having something different that's still creative to fall back on. I haven't been getting very excited about my paintings as of late, so for the time being I've shifted my focus to jewellery and denim jacket designs. I think I may delve into the realm of woodworking for a little bit too. That's the wonderful thing about embracing your creative self, there's so much room to play and shift and grow, and you can always come back to the processes you love the most. 

Nicole YoungComment