A Quick Guide to Commissions

I've received quite a few commission requests lately, which is pretty exciting and also so much fun for me. I really love doing commissions, it's so cool to work with other people and help bring their ideas to life. Most of my art practice is primarily for myself, so it's nice to get out of that space and figure out a painting that's meant specifically for someone else. For those of you who have thought about getting a painting commissioned but don't really know how that works, I've answered a few FAQs to help get the process started. 

How it works:

When I get a commission request, I'll usually talk through a few elements with the client: size, style, and colour schemes. Size is pretty straight forward, most people already have an idea of the size they want in mind. Then I'll usually ask them to show me a few of their favourite images of my work, so I can get an idea of what style and vibe they have in mind. I often leave colour choices up to the customer - I actually love this part because it usually makes me work in colours that I don't work in very often. The pieces above are from a recent commission that I had so much fun with. I rarely ever use dark greens and reds, but I'm so happy with the way it turned out and had so much fun exploring these darker shades. Sometimes customers are totally open to letting me do whatever I feel, and that's great too. It really varies quite a bit and just depends what they're going for. 


Once the details of the piece are worked out, I generally ask for a deposit for the painting. The price of the deposit depends on the price of the painting. For smaller works on paper, the deposit is $30, and for larger canvas works, the deposit price is $100. The finished piece will be ready within 3 weeks of the date I receive the deposit. 

Prices really vary depending on what size and medium you're interested in. My works on paper generally range from $100-$375 and my canvas works from $250-$1250, sometimes more, again depending on the size. 

Shipping/Pick Up:

If the customer lives in Kelowna, then I usually arrange a time and place to meet to deliver the painting. For people who don't live here, I'm happy to ship anywhere. Paper paintings usually cost around $10-$15 to ship, and then large scale canvas paintings tend to be a bit pricier. 

And that's pretty much the process. Feel free to ask me any other follow up questions in the comments below. And if you're an artist, I'd love to hear if your commission process is similar or vastly different. It's always interesting to hear the business side of things from other artists. 

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