A question that I find myself being asked a lot is "How do you always stay so motivated?" The first time someone asked me that, it was one of those times where someone else reveals something about yourself that you didn't really realize was there. I remember thinking "Am I particularly motivated? Huh..." So it turns out that yes, I am a very motivated person. I like to get shit done. Unfortunately I don't have a step by step guide for you about how to stay motivated. All I have are some plain old facts. 

There are certain things that I want in my life. I want to work as an artist full time, or maybe part time and then part time doing some other creative pursuit. I want to travel, and I want freedom. NO ONE IS GOING TO GIVE ME THOSE THINGS. No one is going to show up and say "Hey, I'm going to give you $50,000 a year for the rest of your life, go have fun being an artist!" No one is going to make art for me, or update my website, or apply for exhibitions, or teach art classes, or any of the other number of things that I need to do in order to get myself where I want to be. I am the only person who can make those things happen for myself. That knowledge is what keeps me motivated. 

If you want something, you gotta make that shit happen. And if you can't find the motivation, then maybe you don't want that thing as much as you thought you did, and it's time to pick a new dream. 

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