Mystery Art Update


I want to share the reason I felt the need to change the price of my mystery artworks because I think it’s important to be transparent with pricing. Pricing your work is something that a lot of artists really struggle with. It’s tricky trying to balance “what are people willing to pay?” with “what is my time, energy and creative mind worth?” I’ve just gotten comfortable with my pricing in the last few months or so, it really takes a lot of trial and error to get to that paint.. So here is the reason behind me upping the price of the mystery works.

Since I’ve been on this project to make a new piece of art every day for 1 year, I’ve obviously been making a heck of a lot of art. I believe I’m on day 339 today, so that’s 339 paintings that are kicking around my studio (+ more because I often paint more than one thing in a day.) Any time you are making or creating something there are always going to be pieces that you love more than others. That’s not to say that the other work is bad, it’s just that for whatever reason some pieces feel extra special. They just work better than the others. Sometimes a painting is a struggle and sometimes it flows with ease. These extra special pieces either end up in my shop, in exhibitions or I’ll hold on to them for a while because I love them too much to part with them.

My thinking with the mystery art was that I had all this work sitting around that I wasn’t as attached to as my other pieces, I may as well just sell them as fun little surprises for people. But the more they’ve become popular the more I’m finding myself unwilling to sell these pieces that I'm not attached to, because I want everyone to be getting the extra special pieces. So I’ve been going back into my old ones that I didn’t love as much and working to take them to a place where I feel really good about them, and then selling those as my mystery pieces. I’ve recently realised that this process is incredibly unfair to me. The other pieces of the same size that I know are amazing the instant I make them are selling for $100. So why should these mystery pieces that I am also working hard on be sold at 80% off?

I have now upped the price of the mystery art from $20 to $50, and I feel really good about it. The customer still gets a discount since they don’t get to see what piece they’re getting, and I feel that I am getting a more fair exchange for the energy that I am putting into these works. I love the mystery art idea because surprises are so fun and it’s a more affordable way to get some original artworks. I'm thinking in the future I can work on getting some mystery prints of my works made, for a more cost effective option for everyone.                 

Nicole YoungComment