Process and Intuition in Creating Abstract Art

On February 26th I'm going to be doing an artist demonstration at Opus Art Supplies in Kelowna!

The official press release says that this demonstration will focus on creating abstract art through intuition using a process based method. I will be discussing compositional strategies, creating colours schemes, and combining different mediums in a way that makes sense and feels complete. Participants will learn some new mark making processes, how to mix mediums, become more confident in trusting their intuitive creative self and to embrace the happy accidents.

In all honesty I don't totally know yet what I'm going to be demonstrating, I still need to prep for it. But it will definitely be fun and get your creative juices flowing! I think I might even try to make it a little more hands on, mainly because I don't think I will be able to just talk for 1.5 hours...

This demonstration is completely free, but you do have to register so they know how many people are coming. There will be 2 demonstrations, one at 10 am and one at 1 pm. Head over to the Opus website to sign up!

Nicole YoungComment