Giving Back

Art can be so personal that sometimes it feels like a selfish thing to dedicate your life to. It's important to find ways to give back to the community whenever you can, with time or resources or whatever you have to offer.

These are two pieces that I created to help out a couple of causes in my community. The first was actually a really cool experience. The event was called Art Attack, myself and 5 other artists were given one hour to each create a painting. At the end of the hour, the paintings were auctioned off with all the money going to support the Heart and Stroke foundation. I was really nervous to only have one hour to work on a painting, but I have to say I am incredibly happy with the results. The second piece was donated to Art on the Line, an event that raises money for UBCO's Visual Arts Course Union. Trying to be a good alumni over here. 

If you or anyone else you know is in need of some art for a fundraiser, feel free to send them my way! 

Nicole YoungComment