Iceland Sketches

My upcoming exhibition at the Vernon Public Art Gallery, Rivers and Roads to Find You, is going to be based on my experience travelling in Iceland this summer. These are the paper works I created while I was travelling. Creating art while I travelled allowed me to record my surroundings, as well as try out some new methods of painting. Usually I need a lot of drying time for my work, but when you're driving around an entire country and constantly on the go you need to come up with new ways of mark making that don't require so much time to settle. Because of this my works became a lot messier, spontaneous and accidental. 

These paper works will be on display alongside some larger canvas pieces I'm painting. The new paintings are going to focus on my experience in Iceland, both through visual techniques and through content. 

Rivers and Roads to Find You opens at the Vernon Public Art Gallery on January 12th, with a reception from 6 pm to 8 pm. I hope to see some of you there! 

Nicole YoungComment