Okanagan Art Review

Something that the Okanagan art scene has been missing until recently was a website dedicated to local artists and information about upcoming art related events.Okanagan Art Review has been online for about a year now, and I couldn't be more proud of the creators, and excited for my community to finally have an online artistic forum. On this website you can find local artist's profiles and images of their work, reviews of art exhibitions, and news about upcoming events in the community. Okanagan Art Review did a write up about the 2015 BFA show at UBCO, and I couldn't be more honoured to have been featured in it.

"And finally Nicole Young – perhaps the most overlooked work of the show in my opinion. I’ve been watching Young’s work for a while now and these fabric pieces were a big surprise – I’ve known her previous work to be colourful, abstract paintings. These paintings are so brave and courageous. She’s taken some big risks here – for which I heartily congratulate her for. These pieces each tell a different story, some with a narrative, some without. But they all have a kind of internal logic, some kind of stake at play. Whether it’s the examination of the blue fabric as a painting or drawing with fabric and thread like it’s paint itself. These paintings were challenging and lovely to see."

Thank you so much to the team at Okanagan Art Review, especially to Katie Brennan. To read the rest of the review and check out some of the other pieces at the show, visit: